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Interacting with cam girls is really one of a kind experience that simply has to be tried at least once. This is because out of all the people who have tried it, there probably isn`t a single person out there that was not satisfied with it. Cam girls offer a unique opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself and experience something new.

In case you didn`t know, there are free shows and there are private shows and the most obvious difference between these two types is that the first ones are free and that the latter ones have to be paid. The only thing that remains to be answered is which ones are better and whether or not private shows are really worth the money.

There is little doubt, if any, that free shows are interesting and entertaining. Hot girls on cams do their best to attract as many clients as possible, which means that there is no way you can`t have lots and lots of fun, even if you just watch your cam girl in action. Of course, when it comes to free shows, you and your cam girl are not the only ones there. There are also other men and maybe even girls as well, who are all trying to interact with the cam girl you are watching. In such cases, you may not get a lot of opportunities to say what you really want and you will probably have to settle for other people`s wishes.

Private shows, on the other hand, allow you to be alone with the cam girl of your choice. This means that you are the only one she has to pay attention to. You can tell her exactly what you want and since you are the only one there, your wishes come first. There are also a lot of other opportunities that private shows imply that you can take advantage of. For example, cyber sex is something that you can try out and in case you are interested in something more unusual, you can look for cam2cam girls and allow your cam girl to watch you in action while you are watching her as well.

Naked cam chats are certainly something that people are mostly interested in, however, not all cam sites have nude cam girls. In some cases, the only opportunity to see a hot girl on cam take her clothes off is in a private chat.

And finally, private shows are way more personal because after all, it is all about you. You are the center of attention and your cam girl will make sure that you are happy and pleased. Thus, the only disadvantage of private shows is that they have to paid, but when you consider what you can possibly get from the whole experience, it certainly seems sensible to spend some of your hard-earned money on it. No man has ever regretted it and the chances are that you won`t either.

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Free and private shows

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